how to cheer up your winter wardrobe

how to cheer up your winter wardrobe, pink coat

COAT   pink coat (selling out quick!)   |   SCARF   grey, pink and white scarf   |   TOP   mock turtleneck   |   BOOTS   suede slouch boots   |   BAG   tory burch convertible crossbody   |   LIP COLOR   pink nouveau

So friends, here’s the deal. And if you’ve been around here for a while, you may have already heard me say this a million times. But once the holidays are over, I start to really, reallyyy dislike the cold and rainy, grey weather winter brings. I realize that Texas has just about the mildest winter around, but all the same… I’m ready for sundresses and swimsuits! Am I the only one?

I make it my objective, therefore, to cheer myself up with the colors I bring into my wardrobe this time of year. Anything with whites, pinks and pastels gets first priority. Over time, I’ve realized it’s possible to reflect the joy of spring even in winter ensembles if you try incorporate these hues!

This precious pink coat does a fabulous job of that, with it’s soft, rosy shade and chic cut. Paired with a grey, pink and white scarf (this is a fab one to snatch up) and white denim, you’ve got a cozy look that stands out in the cheeriest way amidst the cold and fog.

Another way I keep myself cheery in these duller months is with music, and I have such a fun recommendation for y’all today! The cowboy loves Spotify’s Young & Free playlist, so we had it on it non-stop across all the road trips we took this Christmas. And as fate would have it, we came across ultimate jam… Miss You by Gabrielle Aplin. But wait! Resist the temptation to play it on your computer or phone right now, and wait until you can get in your car, roll the windows down and blast it. It’s far from my typical country preference, but it is fun. I guarantee you’ll have it stuck in your head in no time!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Ruth Anne said:

    Hi Kate! I love looking at your blog. Your sense of style always inspires me to try something new. Also you are so pretty, and I love how you let your light shine for Christ! Ps. Have you ever tried Jamberry nails? They are fab! I would love to send you some to try. – Ruth Anne

    Published 1.3.17 · Reply
  2. Katie said:

    I’m totally with you on preferring summer! I love your pink color and I always add a little Lilly no matter the season for some more color haha!


    Published 1.6.17 · Reply