how to give the perfect guy gift

1. gift card to his favorite food joints   //   2. patagonia vest   //   3. nike kicks   //   4. yeti rambler (everyone I know loves these)   //   5. key fob   //   6. bow tie   //   7. pajama pants   //   8. sport/concert tickets   //   9. true grit sweatshirt   //   10. amazon echo   //   11. american flag belt   //   12. corduroy vineyard vines hat   //   13. barbour dog socks   //   14. barrington belmont bag (barrington also has computer cases and wallets for guys!)

Happy Sunday evening, y’all! I know this is a rather unusual time for me to post, but I had some unexpected downtime today and thought I’d use it to bring you a new gift guide during this amazing weekend of sales! (If you haven’t yet, be sure you check out my latest sale roundup… many of them are still going on!)

*Heads up, I’ll be posting a Cyber Monday sale guide bright and early tomorrow morning. Be sure to check it and get your Christmas shopping done before work or class!*

One group I hear the most requests for gift guides is the fellas. When you can’t get away with giving a scented candle, a mani/pedi gift card or a pair of statement earrings, what on earth are you supposed to do?!

Been there, done that, sister.

But surprise! The good news is that coming up with a great, unique and personal gift (and one they’ll actually use) for the guy/guys in your life isn’t as tricky as it sounds! Between a father, guy friends and the cowboy, I’ve had my fair sure of guy-gifting and am excited to share…


3 ideas for giving the perfect guy gift

1. Keep a List

While this requires a little pre-planning, I’ve found that gifting a guy comes much easier when you already have a list of ideas personalized to him. No duh, Kate, but how to get this list? Always be on the lookout of ideas! If I hear my dad or boyfriend, for example, mention something they like, think is cool or want throughout the year (not just at Christmastime!) I discreetly make a note on my phone with as many details as I can gather. That way, when birthdays or holidays roll around, I can scroll through for inspiration! So much better than the “What do you want for Christmas?” answered by the common “Ummm…”

2. Give an Experience

Over time, I’ve found it’s often so much fun, and so much easier, to give an experience over than an item. (Because really, how many new sweaters does a guy really want?) Use this opportunity to get him tickets to something he loves like a sporting event or concert. Either gift him tickets for himself and a friend, or, if it’s for a boyfriend/husband, for the two of you! If you have couple friends you both love, coordinate with the other gal to plan a really fun double-date – girl’s treat!

3. Buy the Brand

If you’re low on time or are gifting a guy you don’t spend a ton of time with, choose a gift from brands he currently owns and uses. (If you don’t know, ask his mom or someone he’s close to!) I know that for most of the guys in my life, anything from Patagonia, Nike and Yeti is always a safe bet. The great thing about this option is you can tailor to your budget… a ball cap could be just as well-received as a higher-end item if it’s from a brand he loves!

4. Food

I usually steer way clear of gift-card giving, as it can sometimes comes across as impersonal, but it’s true what they say… the way to a guy’s heart, or good graces, is through his stomach! Get him a few gift cards to his favorite, most-frequented places (arrange them in a little basket) or, if he’s a foodie, to one really nice establishment he wouldn’t normally treat himself to. You can never go wrong with a steakhouse!

5. Include the Gift Receipt

If all else fails, include the gift receipt in your present! This gives him the option of choosing something he really wants if he’s an egg that’s particularly hard to crack. It takes the pressure off of you, and gets him closer to exactly what he wants!

Do you have any tried-and-true tricks up your sleeve when it comes to gifting gents? Luckily, I already have an idea of what I’m getting the cowboy this Christmas… now if I can just get ahead of my procrastination-game and not wait until the week before!

Like I mentioned above, I’ll have a complete Cyber Monday sale guide up tomorrow morning. The format will be much like Black Friday’s guide – simple and easy to navigate. I can’t wait to take advantage of the deals tomorrow to finally finish up decorating my apartment! Cross your fingers for me! :) And best of luck to you!

Love from Texas,


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  1. great ideas !!

    Published 11.27.16 · Reply
  2. Such cute ideas! Food and socks are the best guy gifts in the my opinion! And Perfume x

    Published 11.28.16 · Reply
  3. Sarah said:

    I totally do the list thing! It’s so wonderful to already have ideas. I still ask the question though just to see if I’ve missed anything he really wants! I also love giving an experience. It’s seriously the best.

    Published 12.8.16 · Reply