four mango looks i’m loving

Well, friends, today has been a bit of a doozy. A non-cooperative (ok, flat out frozen phone) had me spending a morning and part of the afternoon at the repair shop. Isn’t it always a journey when life throws you little disruptive curveballs?

Thankfully, the team was able to bring my sad phone back to life. The bad news? Your girl hadn’t backed up her phone to the iCloud in farrr too long. Bye bye, photos!

Yesterday, I had filmed a reel featuring a few new arrivals from Mango (one of my favorite affordable destinations), captured all of the still photos along with it, and was so excited to post bright and early this morning. Well, you know what happened! Luckily I was able to somehow recover the video, so while it’s a bit grainy and not as crisp and clean as the original was, I hope you still enjoy it!

Sometimes done is better than perfect, and I’m holding on to that today. You’ll find this on Instagram later today! P.S. If you are having trouble viewing the video on your desktop, try it from your phone.



mango new arrivals


black and white dress // embroidered top // polka dot dress // purple top

shoes // bracelets // earrings

Let’s just say I will reallyyyy be thanking God it’s Friday tomorrow. Anyone else?! ;)

Love from the Sunshine State,


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