wedding wednesday no. 13 // our custom wedding monogram

If there’s one cliché this southern girl has completely bought into, it’s a deep, deep love for monograms. I think the first monogrammed item I ever owned was a Vera Bradley duffle bag I got for my 13th birthday (throwback, anyone) and ever since, that collection has steadily grown!

So when it came to dreaming up my and Andrew’s June wedding, I instantly knew of one special touch I wanted… a custom wedding monogram.

I love that a custom wedding monogram is something you can use for years and years to come, not just a single day! And that’s exactly what I so desired with ours…  an elegant, beautiful and timeless design that I could use throughout our home and belongings for a lifetime.

Do you remember my first ever “Wedding Wednesday” post? I shared the three words I settled on to describe my dream wedding day, and mentioned wanting to incorporate a custom wedding monogram. (You can read the full post here.) Y’all were so kind to leave some incredible recommendations! After pouring over those and doing tons of pinteresting, instagram hashtag stalking and blog browsing, I finally came across Shuler Studio and immediately knew I found exactly what I was looking for!

So for today’s “Wedding Wednesday” post, I am absolutely thrilled to share with you the stunning custom wedding monogram Pam from Shuler Studio created for me and Andrew! (I’m giddy just typing that sentence!)

Our Custom Wedding Monogram

Swoon. I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love!

Initially, I had no idea how the custom monogram design process worked. To be quite honest, the whole thing felt rather daunting to me. Creating something completely custom from scratch? Talk about pressure!

As they often do, however, things became much clearer after a bit of browsing! The Shuler Studio website has a “Monograms” tab, which lays out the three different design options. I was pleasantly surprised to see how affordable they were!


The Pricing


Depending on the level of customization you’re looking for, prices range from just $10 to $450. And let me just say, if this is something you’re not wanting to devote a huge sum of money to, you can purchase a stunning pre-made monogram on her Etsy page for $35. (Type in your two letters in the shop search bar to see the options!)

Upon reaching out to Pam, the talented wonder behind Shuler Studio, about the monogram design process, she so graciously offered to design my and Andrew’s monogram. So, completely custom we went!


The Process


And how exactly did that process go? First, I filled out a questionnaire and sent in some monogram inspiration. (Speaking of inspiration, take a look through the Shuler Studio Instagram feed… I could spend hours on there!) I decided on a “duogram” featuring a “K” and “A” both for aesthetic reasons, and so we could use it before the wedding itself!

Upon submitting those initial materials, Pam had an initial design concept back to me within TWO. DAYS. Here I was thinking this would take months and months… no, no! Two days!

She encouraged me to print out the monogram, draw and doodle on it, and get back to her with thoughts. I did this, sent them in with a few ideas, and was pleasantly surprised to receive the second design draft in, again, in two days. It was incredible!

After thinking through the second draft, I realized I wanted to change the direction of the monogram. I was wanting a masculine “A” and a more feminine, symmetrical “K,” which involved shifting gears a bit from my initial idea. But y’all, when I shared this vision with Pam, she was nothing but accommodating, encouraging and, again, insanely prompt. On the third try, it was perfect!


The Finished Product


Nearly a week and a half after reaching out to Shuler Studio, I had the custom monogram of my dreams!

I am over the moon, to say the least, and can’t stop thinking about different ways of using it. That’s where y’all come in! I would just love any and all ideas, so please feel free to leave links and thoughts in the comments of this post. I’ll be pouring over each one!

I can’t end this post without saying this… if you are looking to get a monogram designed (for a wedding or otherwise) I cannot recommend Shuler Studio enough! Truly, y’all. This process has been, by far, one of the things I’ve most enjoyed about wedding planning to date, and I am so excited to incorporate this stunning design into our big day, and the rest of our lives!

I can’t wait to hear what y’all think about it. As always, thank you for tuning into another “Wedding Wednesday” post, and for letting me share this season with you!

Love from Texas,


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Join in on the fun!


  1. Anastasia said:

    First of all CONGRATS!!!! I just love this monogram!!! It has me thinking of business cards for myself!!! I think a great idea for them (since its southern, yall are both from Texas, and it seems hunting and tailgating are all things yall like) get some koozies made as party favors…I can’t tell you how many I have from weddings that I still use because they are so much FUN!!!!

    Published 1.23.19 · Reply
  2. Victoria said:

    Ahhh so fun! We used our wedding monogram for a lot of things. We first used it for disposable cups to have for the week. Since we got married in October and the weather was nice leading up to our wedding, we had events for our family and guests that each used one at all of these including the morning after brunch. We also purchased napkins for our cocktail hour at our reception! I then used it later to be put into a stamp for our address instead of having to write out our return address for than you notes. I also had an embroidery store in my hometown make us a set of classic dinner napkins that I’ll bring out for nicer dinners and things we host as well as into cocktail napkins that sit on our bar and add a nice little touch when guests come over for drinks and apps!

    Published 1.23.19 · Reply
  3. Claire E Groff said:

    I love that you keep posting these white dresses! Thanks!

    Published 1.23.19 · Reply
  4. Sarah Simmons said:

    I love the idea of incorporating your monogram into wedding decor, on invites, embroidered on napkins, etc, but then also into your future home, like on linens or a pillow! MacKenzie Horan used hers in SO many precious ways!

    Published 1.23.19 · Reply
  5. Mackenzie Praytor said:

    So – confession – I audibly gasped when I saw y’all’s monogram! It’s STUNNING! My husband and I also commissioned a custom monogram to use for our wedding and it was one of my very favorite decisions of the entire process! In fact, it shares a lot of qualities with your monogram ;) We chose to use our two first initials and include our married last name, so it was debuted on our wedding program. From there, we basically incorporated it everywhere we could! We put the monogram on frosted cups at the bar, on the thank you cards at each person’s place setting, and if money was no object I would have done a vinyl overlay on top of our white dance floor. We also had custom thank you notes made with our monogram on the front that we wrote all of our post-wedding thank you’s on. We had a few pillows and napkins embroidered with the monogram that we now have in our home. We went a little monogram crazy but I loved the design so much I wanted to incorporate it as many places as possible!! Seeing the throw pillows every day reminds me of our wedding and makes me smile.

    Cheers to you and Andrew!! Love the monogram, love y’all’s sweet story.

    Published 1.23.19 · Reply
  6. Courtney said:

    This monogram is absolutely gorgeous! I’m from the south (MS) and if I would have known there was this level of monogramming out there, I would have had so much more monogrammed! Gah, I can’t get over how visually stunning and unique this design is!

    xo, Courtney

    Published 1.23.19 · Reply
  7. Southern & Style said:

    That turned out so incredible beautiful! Love it so much!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    Published 1.23.19 · Reply
  8. Vicki McCormack said:

    LOVE IT, sweet Kate. :)

    Published 1.23.19 · Reply
  9. Allison Staley said:

    I just commissioned a custom wedding crest (pretty similar) and we are going to have it printed on can coolers (if you use the term koozies, the koozie people contact you with a cease and assist). We are also probably going to have it on our invites (she is designing those as well!). One unique thing Sarah (The Redheaded Camel) is doing for us is making a custom venue illustration that will be our guest book. Our venue is a big part of our day and I love that we get to celebrate that! My plan is to eventually have the crest done on an ornament and maybe a few other things.

    Published 1.23.19 · Reply
  10. Jane said:

    It’s very similar to the Summer Wind blog monogram – that was my first thought when I saw it.

    Published 1.24.19 · Reply
  11. Caroline said:

    SO glad y’all went with Mrs. Shuler!! She was actually my high school math teacher before she started Shuler Studios :). It looks fantastic!

    Published 3.6.19 · Reply
  12. Kiley said:

    Will you do a wedding Wednesday on invitations!? I am looking for alllll the inspiration!!

    Published 3.6.19 · Reply
  13. Alex said:

    Hi Kate! Your custom monogram is gorgeous. My husband and I chose to have a custom crest made and pull out our initials to use for our monogram later in life. We just got married this past weekend and used our monogram on koozies, cocktail napkins, invitations and our favorite thing the dance floor. Our planner got a custom decal made and blown up for the center of our dance floor. It was the focal point of our reception and made for beautiful pictures!

    Published 3.6.19 · Reply