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black and grey capeblack and grey capeblack and grey capeblack and grey capeblack and grey capeblack and grey capeblack and grey capeblack and grey cape

CAPE   black and grey cape   |   TOTE  tory burch t tote   |   BOOTS   faux suede riding boots   |   BELT   reversible hermes belt   |   TOP   vneck tee   |   JEANS   black skinny jeans   |   EARRINGS   tortoiseshell hoop earrings

I think everyone tends to have their “color”… either black or brown. It’s what you love to choose for shoes, bags, belts, the whole gamut. And for me? It has always been brown.

I don’t know if it has to do with my skin tone, or just my personal love for a soft, rich tan color, but my closet seems to be filled with all shades of caramel. So every time I come across a piece of clothing I love that’s in that classic, timeless black, I’m left in a bind!

Take this gorgeous black and grey cape, for example. It’s incredibly soft, super high quality and absolutely classic… one definitely worth having in your closet! So when I decided to wear it out one evening in Estes Park, I reached for the few black pieces I own.

First off? These black jeans. Every girl needs a pair! I grabbed these during the Nordstrom sale for $45 and have gotten so much wear out of them since!

Secondly, my absolute favorite under $50 heeled boots! I almost never go for a black pair of boots, but was so impressed with the brown version of these that I decided to snatch them up. I’m so glad I did! Highly, highly recommend. (You can see them here, and in brown here!)

And thirdly, the black Tory Burch tote I borrowed from my mama! She has owned this beauty for almost three years, and continuously sings it’s praises! I will say…it’s amazing how well it holds up. The leather is sturdy and strong and this bag simply doesn’t age. Definitely a fabulous option if you’re in the market for a work bag!

The belt I’m wearing is actually reversible, which makes it incredibly wearable and perfect for looks like this. It was a big purchase that I saved up for, but I couldn’t recommend it more!

So, friends, as much as I say I don’t wear a lot of black, it is definitely nice to have a few staple pieces in your closet for whenever I’m feeling… edgy. ;)

Now, I want to know which you’re more drawn to! Black or brown?

Love from Texas,


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  1. Kari said:

    Love this look!
    So perfect for fall!

    Published 10.22.18 · Reply
  2. Bailey said:

    Such a chic outfit! I think for me it changes from year to year… the past few years has been more black, but this year I’m noticing that I am drawn to more caramel shades!

    Published 10.23.18 · Reply
  3. Pruitt Coffey said:

    I love more warm colors and browns like you, which is tough in Nashville where I feel out of place amongst all the edgy black wearers!

    Published 10.26.18 · Reply
  4. Katie said:

    I am more of a navy girl than a black when it comes to clothes but love love love this outfit! That cape is gorgeous and I have that bag in nude and love it!


    Published 11.4.18 · Reply