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Last week, I shared on Instagram Stories that had just tried my very first barre class. I had just taken a class called “Elite Endurance Barre” at Equinox, and loved it! After my first experience, I decided to ask you all a couple of questions I had running through my head:

ONE // How long does it take to get the movements of barre down?

TWO // How long does it take to start seeing results?

Oh my word… you all came through! I received hundreds of responses from y’all about your own barre journey and love for this form of exercise. It was so enlightening and inspiring to read through each one.

I also received a lot of requests that I share the responses! So today, I thought I would share a new series… Reader Reviews.

I realized as I was reading through y’alls incredible responses what an amazing resource this Lonestar Southern community is! Think about it… in order to enjoy my page, you probably share at least few similarities with others who do as well. That’s why I think this “Reader Review” series could be an amazing way to get reviews from others who are, in some way or another, similar to you!

So today, we’re kicking this idea off with Reader Reviews // Barre Class

Below, you’ll find responses I received from the two questions I asked above. I categorized them into three groups…

  • “Barre Babes” // girls who have taken any number of barre classes
  • “Barre Pros” // girls who have taken a year or more of barre class
  • “Barre Instructors” // girls who teach barre


Let’s go ahead and get started!



barre babes


barre babes



barre pros


barre pros




barre instructors


barre instructors


In a nutshell… it seems like most ladies said it takes a few weeks to get the movements down (although you’re constantly improving movements and learning new ones) and anywhere from two weeks to a month to see physical transformation.

my takeaway


I don’t know about you, but I am so inspired and definitely wanting to add more barre into my routine! Y’all know I’m a SoulCycle addict, and while I swear by these classes (and can’t imagine my life without them!), I’ve been craving adding something new to my workout routine. I think two years straight of anything will do that to you!

I tried Kayla’s BBG program for a few weeks… and y’all, I didn’t love it. I feel so embarrassed to admit that since I’ve heard such great things about it (and seen the amazing results!) but I kinda came to dread the daily series.

Let me make an important distinction… I think the actual BBG workouts are amazing! They are incredibly challenging in the best way, and definitely give you an incredible workout for only being 30 minutes long. I think they’re convenient and a great option for someone needing a workout plan they can follow no matter when or where they are.

But in my opinion, I didn’t find them fun at all. “Fun” isn’t an important factor in everyone’s choice of workout routine, but I’ve realized that in order for me to be consistent with something and really pour everything into it, it has to be enjoyable! I think I also didn’t like the “solo” aspect of the BBG program. Since I work alone, my workout time has also become my social hour in a sense… a perfect opportunity to get out of my apartment and see friends!

That’s why I adore SoulCycle. For the first time in my life, I actually loved working out. Trust me, I was NEVER that girl and rolled my eyes at anyone who would say that. But the dance/rythmic feel of the classes and the energy of so many people in one room hooked me. SoulCycle genuinely became the highlight of my day!

And that’s why I feel like I’ll also love barre class. Even though I’ve only been twice now, I’ve already enjoyed the ballet dancing aspect. (I took ballet for years growing up, and so it’s fun to have that feeling again!) I also love that it’s a class environment, so I feel like I’m doing it with others and not just to knock something out quickly. I’m so excited and optomistic about this, and can’t wait to hopefully share more of my barre journey with you!

I hope these lovely ladies’ barre class reviews is as interesting/enlightening and as fun to read for you as it was for me! If you have any other “Reader Reviews” recommendations, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Allie said:

    I love barre! I’m like you, I like workout classes – it’s fun to be social with the same group of people and it keeps me motivated (I definitely hold a plank longer in a room full of people than I would left to my own devices! hah!) plus, even after a couple years I still notice results.
    Would love a reader review series, maybe beauty products?
    Have a great day!

    Published 5.8.18 · Reply
  2. Ashley said:

    Love this post! I have tried to get into BBG a few times and the longest I did it was maybe 4-5 weeks. But, like you said, I do not find it enjoyable or fun which often lead to me skipping workouts. I would love to try barre or Soul Cycle because they sound so much fun!

    P.S. I am loving your happy mail! It makes my week!!


    Published 5.8.18 · Reply
  3. Maitland said:

    So everything you described about yourself is how I feel about working out exactly (LOTR is also my favorite movie so I think we might be twins…). I didn’t realize I needed a workout to be fun until I found a routine that was. You should give orangetheory a try! It’s so nice walking into a gym and be greeted by name and see the same people you’ve been taking classes with. This post has made me want to try a barre class because I used to dance as well!

    Published 5.8.18 · Reply
  4. Ashlyn said:

    You should try Blogilates too! I’ve been hooked since college and love that I can do the workouts from virtually anywhere and she makes it feel like your best friend is leading the class right next to you. She’s so cute and fun, her little talks throughout the workouts ALMOST make you forget you are working up a sweat. I like them way better than BBG and just as effective in muscle toning.

    Published 5.9.18 · Reply