axis print bags

axis print bagsaxis print bagsaxis print bagsaxis print bagsaxis print bagsaxis print bags

SMALL TOTE   st. anne tote    |    LARGE TOTE   st. charles yacht tote    |   SCARF   brown tassel scarf  (sold out, similar linked)   |    COAT   j.crew cocoon coat (wearing size 0P, other colors and sizes here)    |    EARRINGS    bobbi gold earrings   |   BOOTS   j.crew riding boots (sold out, similar here)   |   SWEATER   cozy sweater .  |   JEANS   j.crew jeans

If you haven’t heard me gush on and on about my love for Barrington Gifts, it’s safe to say you’re new around here! :) Ever since I received my first tote back over four years ago (!!!) I’ve been hooked on this line of beautifully made, customizable totes and travel accessories.

To put it simply, these are gorgeous, durable bags that look far more expensive than they are. In other words, this is my #1 recommended Christmas gift for anyone on your list!

Above, I’m wearing the St. Anne tote (the smaller of the two) and the St. Charles Yacht tote, both in the Axis print. Let me tell y’all… every. single. time I wear this bag I get a comment on it! Many stop and say how much they love it, but more often than not, both men and women alike will ask if they can actually feel the bag. They can’t believe it when I tell them it’s printed and not real Axis!

The St. Anne tote has been my go-to for years now, but I recently received this St. Charles yacht tote and I have absolutely loved it. I’ve used it both as my weekend bag and as my carry on for every plane trip I’ve taken this season! It’s incredibly spacious, and I love that it’s pliant enough to shmoosh and cram into tight spots like overhead compartments.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Barrington Gifts is how customizable their entire collection is. From graduation gifts to baby showers and even the guys in your life, there’s something for every occasion and every style! I’ve put together a few of my favorite combinations below. Be warned, it’s so fun mixing and matching all of the different options that time might escape you!

Love from Texas,


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  1. GOODNESS, I neeeeeeed these bags!!!!

    Published 12.7.17 · Reply
  2. Ani said:

    I know this is completely non related but, what do you do to your hair? Is your color natural? Do you highlighted? I love the way it looks!

    Published 12.7.17 · Reply
  3. Allie said:

    These bags are gorgeous! I love the customization, I’m so tired of seeing the exact same tote everywhere- it’s great that you can really make it yours! xAllie

    Published 12.7.17 · Reply
  4. Briana said:

    I love this outfit! And ever since I started following your blog recently, I’ve had a Barrington tote on my wish list although I still can’t decide which print to get.

    Briana |

    Published 12.7.17 · Reply