3 christmas card outfit ideas

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received many, many messages asking for help with Christmas card outfits. I get it… figuring out your own look is hard enough. But coordinating with a boy, too?! Not to mention kiddos, if you have them. Where to even begin!

christmas card outfit ideas, engagement photo outfit ideas

I’m embarrassed to admit we haven’t even taken our Christmas card photo yet (last year was so easy because we just used a wedding photo) but I thought it would be fun to put together some “his and her” outfit inspiration to help you put together ensembles that look lovely and work well together!

Keep in mind, you definitely do not need to go all-out and buy entirely new outfits for one photo. Instead, try to use the layouts below as “templates” more or less, and fill in with pieces you already own in similar color schemes!

These would be great for not only Christmas cards, but engagement photos as well. I hope you enjoy these three engagement photo and Christmas card outfit ideas!


classic & casual christmas card


christmas card outfit ideas, engagement photo outfit ideas, barbour scarf, peter millar vest, outfit


quilted vest // button down shirt // khaki pants // loafers


turtleneck sweater // barbour plaid scarf // dark wash jeans // cowboy boots

Warm creams, browns, and hunter greens… I think there’s something so timeless about this color scheme. In fact, this classic look is probably my favorite of the three I’m sharing with you today! If you’re not a cowboy boot kinda girl, switch those out for riding boots, booties or flats in the same rich brown hue.


glamorous christmas card


christmas card outfit ideas, engagement photo outfit ideas, alexia maria dress, badgley mishka, monolo blahnik


navy wool sport coat // navy slacks // white dress shirt // cashmere scarf // dress shoes


navy bow sleeve midi dress // white jeweled heels // pearl and sapphire earrings // faux fur wrap

If you like to go all-out and dress to the nines, try dressing up a combination of navy blues and whites. I always find navy to translate a bit softer in photos than stark black-and-white, while still delivering that same elegant, simple color scheme. Faux fur looks gorgeous in photos, so try adding a wrap or stole to take really things to the next level.


merry & bright christmas card


christmas card outfit ideas, engagement photo outfit ideas, tartan skirt, tartan headband, j.crew christmas, draper james


half zip sweater // green check button down shirt // navy trousers // navy shoes


ruffle neck sweater // tartan headband // tartan skirt // navy tights // green velvet smoking slippers

Enjoy dressing for the season? This inspiration board shows you how to incorporate festive patterns and colors in a complimentary way that doesn’t clash. It’s ok to mix patterns, but make sure they aren’t both large and loud. Keeping the tops similar in color helps to blend all of the other colors incorporated in this look.


A Few General Tips


Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Whether you’re planning for a Christmas card photo shoot or engagement pictures, make sure to give yourself more time than you think you’ll need to pull both outfits together. Something may look great online, but until you see all of the colors and textures in person, you won’t be able to really see how the entire look will come together!

Start With One Piece

Like I said, you don’t need to buy an entirely new wardrobe for one photo. Instead, try starting with one piece you really love and feel fabulous in. Maybe it’s a classic dress that never fails, or a sweater that you always find flattering. Then, build out both looks from there!

Stick to One Color Scheme

The easiest couples outfit mistake to make? Throwing in too many colors… or colors that don’t mesh well. Even something as small as a pair of shoes or earrings can throw off the look. Decide on your color scheme first (tip: it doesn’t have to be just one or two colors, just make sure they go together!) then make sure each piece blends in and nothing sticks out.

Layers on Layers

Layers always look gorgeous in photos. The added textures add dimension and interest to an image and create beautiful images! You’ll notice in the ensembles above that nearly every outfit has some sort of “add on.” Even if you wouldn’t wear layers in your day-to-day, try adding a scarf, jacket, vest or hat to your outfit. Don’t forget layering up your guy, too!

Lighten Up

Ever since seeing William and Kate’s engagement photo, I realized how lovely light, neutral colors translate in images. They keep things looking timeless for years to come, and look beautiful in any room. While you can definitely create a gorgeous photo with vibrant hues, I always recommend opting for light neutral colors for looks that last!

Before signing off, I thought I’d leave a few of our engagement photos for further inspiration. To see more, click here!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. Libby said:

    aww this is such a sweet post, Kate! I wish my family still wanted to take a yearly christmas photo, but I think I will take some with just me and the puppy, haha. Love this inspo :)


    Published 11.11.20 · Reply
  2. Nessa said:

    Such GREAT ideas!

    Published 11.11.20 · Reply
  3. Jane Flynn said:

    You two are the cutest – in any outfits!!!

    Published 11.11.20 · Reply
  4. I love all of these outfits, especially the class & casual one! Those cowboy boots are so stylish.


    Published 11.13.20 · Reply