finally! a lisi lerch sale

Today is a day I am absolutely thrilled about because something many of you have requested over the past few months has arrived… a Lisi Lerch sale!

I usually reserve Fridays for “Latest and Greatest” posts, but figured this event was important enough to replace it with! (Don’t worry, a new Latest & Greatest will be up next week!)

Lisi Lerch is one of my very favorite statement earring designers. And honestly, that’s pretty much an understatement seeing as her pieces make an appearance in my ensembles on. the. reg. (Just look below for proof!)

Her bold, colorful earrings always add the perfect, tasteful pop to any outfit I have on! They’re a southern girl’s staple when it comes to spicing things up and I get compliments on mine wherever I go.

Since these pieces cost a pretty penny, I oftentimes get questions from y’all about promo codes or sales. It’s your lucky day (although maybe not your bank account’s) because the Lisi Lerch 4th of July sale is HERE! Here are all of the details:

30% off all jewelry

15% off select bags

$5 shipping

If you’ve been debating whether or not to pull the trigger on a Lisi Lerch pair of your own, now’s the time, friends! Here are a few of my very favorite styles.

P.S. For details on almost all of these outfits, simply click through on the photo!

Gogo Earrings (Small)

Izzy Gameday Earrings

Greta Earrings

Disk Earrings

Bobbi Earrings

Tassel Earrings // Red

Tassel Earrings // Orange

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Tassel Earrings // Latte

Tassel Earrings // Cotton Candy

Tassel Earrings // Yellow

Tassel Earrings // Turquoise

Tassel Earrings // Czech White

blue and white off the shoulder top

Cameran Earrings

Ginger Earrings

Vivi Earrings

Vivi Earrings


Now I’m dying to know… which pair is your favorite?!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Marianna said:

    I love all the different colors of the tassel earrings! So fun.

    Published 6.29.18 · Reply
  2. Caroline said:

    Where is your scarf from in the last pic? It’s so fun!

    Published 6.29.18 · Reply
  3. Allie said:

    Woohoo! I’ve been eyeing her pieces forever, I’m so excited! Ginger earrings. Where I come! xAllie

    Published 6.29.18 · Reply
  4. These earrings are so fun! I especially love the Bobbi earrings!

    Published 7.1.18 · Reply
  5. Amber said:

    Love this post! Where is that adorable dress in the picture with your Mom from right under the orange tassel earrings? I love it!!!

    Published 7.1.18 · Reply
    • Meredith said:

      I know I’m VERY late to the party, but would also love to know where this dress is from!

      Published 9.13.21 · Reply
  6. Kelsey said:

    All of these earrings are so gorgeous!!
    xo, Kelsey

    Published 7.2.18 · Reply