13 cute planners you need to know about

Last week, I took to Instagram Stories to share a bit of a pickle I’ve recently found myself in. My long-time favorite planner designer, Sweet Caroline Designs, won’t be releasing a new planner this year. Cue the tears! I fell in love with the simplicity, joy, large size and southern charm of her planners and will be sad without one this year.

The good news is that y’all had thousands of recommendations to send in. Leave it to this community to have so many great ideas, as usual. I’ve spent the past few days combing through them and researching your favorites, and am excited to share a massive roundup of all of your favorite planner and agenda recommendations.

Let’s dive in, shall we?! Here are 13 cute planners you need to know about:


cute agendas and planners



The Simplified Planner


Customizable: No


The Simplified Planner was, by far, one of the most highly recommended agendas you sent in. I’ve actually been a fan of Emily Ley’s brand for years, but am yet to own one of her highly-acclaimed planners. Her “Simplified Planner” comes in both a daily and weekly format, with a handful of adorable cover options.


My Favorite: The Weekly Simplified Planner in Pink Pinstripe



Erin Condren


Customizable: Yes


Looking for a nearly completely customizable planner? Check out the Erin Condren LifePlanner. Not only can you change the exact colors on multiple cover options (down to the exact flower color, for example) you can also select from a few different interior layout options as well as date ranges. One reader did note that the front cover of hers comes off frequently… just something to keep in mind!


My Favorite: Colorblock LifePlanner with “horizontal” and “layers colorful” options



Lilly Pulitzer


Customizable: No


Seeing so many of you recommend the Lilly Pulitzer agenda made my heart happy. This was my very first and very favorite planner for years! (In fact, check out a fun throwback here!) I stopped using them one year because I couldn’t find a print I loved, but now I’m thinking about getting back on the bandwagon. The size options are fabulous (I love jumbo) and the layout is very simple, but always puts me in a good mood! P.S. I did some research and it looks like Lilly switched up the layout last year, but this year it’s back to the original format.


My Favorite: Jumbo 17-month agenda in Multi Unicorn of the Sea



Kate Spade


Customizable: No


For a fun and bold planner that isn’t quite so, well, Lilly Pulitzer, the Kate Spade 10-Month Planner offers a great mix of personality and functionality. My one complaint? I only wish there were a few more color options! Looking through the reviews, it looks like this year’s Kate Spade planner is smaller than in years past.


My Favorite: Scallop Mega 17-Month Planner





Customizable: Yes


I had never heard of the Plum Paper Planner until last week, so a huge thank you for introducing me to this fun brand! Plum Paper planners allow you to customize everything from the cover to the layout… and even the text you want on your layout. There are lots of great “add on” options and three sizes to choose from.


My Favorite: Large Planner in Beloved Pink with “horizontal priorities” layout



Target // Blue Sky


Customizable: No


For an affordable and adorable option, check out a line many of you recommended… Blue Sky at Target! Starting at just $9.99, these cute planners come in an array of cover options. Apparently, many of you have used and loved this brand for years!


My Favorite: Academic Planner in Totem Pink



Rifle Paper Co.


Customizable: No


Turns out, the always-adorable Rifle Paper Co. makes oh-so-cute planners too! You can expect the same bright, whimsical artistry the line is known for as well as options in size, date-span and binding. The sticker page might just be my favorite part. :)


My Favorite: 17-Month Large Planner in Wild Garden.





Customizable: Cover


I, personally, like switching up my planner each year, but if you love all things timeless, classic and consistent, you might enjoy the Leatherology Modern 2021 Planner. (Check out all of their planner options here.) Granted, it is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but the beautiful leather cover can be monogrammed or hand painted and refilled year after year. So gorgeous, right?!


My Favorite: Modern 2021 Planner in Camel Leather with White and Blush hand painted monogram.



Day Designer


Customizable: No


Another new-to-me planner line? Day Designer, and let me just say, it is so well-branded and well-done. I’ve always leaned more towards a weekly, open layout, but the Daily Planner is making me rethink that. I actually love how their Daily Planner is laid out, and wish I had grabbed an Academic Year Daily Planner before so many sold out!


My Favorite: Academic Year Daily Planner in Enchanted Forest. (Currently sold out.)



Golden Coil


Customizable: Yes


Golden Coil was easily in the top three reader recommendations as well, and I can see why! These chic, beautifully-designed planners allow you to completely customize your agenda experience. The website is easy to navigate as you build your perfect planner, and I’m blown away by how gorgeous and simple the design options are. Could this be my replacement?!


My Favorite: Linen Petal Cover With Weekly, Double-Page Horizontal 1 Layout





Customizable: Cover


A chic, monogrammed leather planner with an insert designed by Inslee? What’s not to love about this Neely & Chloe Day Planner! I have emailed the brand to see if they’ll be coming out with new planners for 2021, and will keep you updated on what I find. What a fun, chic option!





Customizable: Cover


The final planner recommendation I’m excited to share with you today is by Papier. You’ll love the huge assortment of chic colors and patterns, and the ability to add custom text to the cover. If you don’t want to wait until January, Papier offers an undated weekly planner as well. So many options, and at such a great price point!


My Favorite: Scallop Spine planner in Mid Dusty Blue



Whitney English


Customizable: No


I just updated this planner list from 12 to 13 thanks to longtime Lonestar Southern-reader, Monty! In the comments, she introduced me to Whitney English’s line of planners. I’ve been on her site for the past twenty minutes and am in love. First off, her planners are aesthetically stunning. Secondly, they’re organized in a way I’ve never seen before… with lots of room for notes! You’ll find a helpful walkthrough here. Fun fact, Whitney releases her 2021 planners tomorrow morning!


My Favorite: Academic Year Planner in Sonoma Light Grey (but the blue gingham she launches tomorrow is a close second!)


The Happy Planner. Appointed Daily Planner, Kikki.K, Lemome Planner, myAgenda Planner, Ivory Paper Co, The Christian Planner, Fringe Studios Planner, Evelyn Henson Planner, May Designs, Vera Bradley, Agendio, Paper Source


Who would have thought there would be so many wonderful planner options out there? I cannot thank all of you enough for your wonderful recommendations, and hope they’ve pointed you in the right direction if a new planner or agenda is something you’re searching for!

What am I going to choose? Sigh. I wish I knew. I still have a few months left with my Sweet Caroline Designs planner, so luckily I don’t have to make a decision immediately. But I am feeling most-drawn to Golden Coil, Papier, Day Designer and The Simplified Planner. What about you?

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. Monty said:

    Whitney English who created the Day Designer Brand has a new company and a new line of products. The Whitney English Week on One Page Planner is amazing is specially for list makers. Hop over to her @whitneyenglish stories and see this seasons planners. They launch for 2021 tomorrow.

    Published 9.15.20 · Reply
  2. Monty said:

    Also Ruth Chou Simons of GraceLaced has a 2021 Planner with her beautiful hand lettering and artwork in it. You can see it on her website or buy it through christianbook.com or Amazon. I believe the format is very similar to what you have been using.

    Published 9.15.20 · Reply
    • A Lonestar State of Southern said:

      Monty, thank you for these fabulous recommendations! Leave it to you to know all things cute and current. :) Going to look these up now! – Kate

      Published 9.15.20 · Reply
  3. Libby said:

    OMG thanks for sharing these, Kate! I live for a good planner, and wish it was practical to have multiple planners going at one time, haha. I have been using Erin Condren since college, so like 7-8 years?! I love love them, and you should look at the set of the Academic Planner because it has some extra things the normal LifePlanners do not have! I used the academic starting grad school, and now I am just going to always use it!


    Published 9.15.20 · Reply
  4. Monty said:

    Thank you Kate!! I’m getting the light blue with the gorgeous chintz interior and the blue gingham with the gold pinstripe interior. I’ll use one of them as a Budget Planner/Expense Tracker and the other as my Agenda. Now that the nature of my work has changed I find I don’t need tons of space for appointments but my need for lists has exponentially increased.

    Published 9.15.20 · Reply
  5. Jordan said:

    Oh my gosh Kate! Reading this post reminded me that I found your blog through your review/walk-through of the Lilly Pulitzer planners that you posted on Youtube years and years ago. So glad I came across that video back then, I’ve been following ever since!

    Published 9.15.20 · Reply
    • Monty said:

      That’s how I found her too!! She was just getting started with her blog and u-tube. Always so adorable!!

      Published 9.15.20 · Reply
  6. Hayley said:

    I’ve been looking at the Golden Coil planners, but I know that I’ll use it for a few weeks and then never again! I’ve recently started using Artful Agenda (https://www.artfulagenda.com/ ) which gives me a pretty planner but syncs with my digital calendars (which I’ve been using for 15+ years so I know I’ll stick with it!)

    Published 9.15.20 · Reply
  7. Cat said:

    After years of using Emily’s Simplified Planners for years I decided to try Papier so I could customize the cover and I love the layout! There is a ton of space and I love that they have both the month overview and a week by week option.

    Published 9.15.20 · Reply
  8. I love the Lilly Pulitzer planner and have been using it for several years now, but I’ve always wanted to try the Kate Spade one!


    Published 9.16.20 · Reply
  9. Tory said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s so helpful! As a student I absolutely loved the Lilly planner but found that it doesn’t really fit my needs anymore given I have passed that part of my life. I recently purchased the Target Blue Sky planner and LOVE it. So glad to see you included it! Have fun picking your next planner!

    Published 9.16.20 · Reply
  10. Kayla said:

    Day Designer and Emily Ley have Blue Sky for Target versions at a more affordable price point and I believe Day Designer has a few different layouts than what you would see in their flagship line!

    Published 9.16.20 · Reply
    • Monty said:

      They are beautiful!! The brands intentionally developed their lines for Target and the Office Supply stores at a lower price point to make them more widely available. The primary difference that enables them to be more affordable is the thickness/quality of the paper used. If bleed through and/or shadowing are acceptable to a buyer they are a great option.

      Published 9.16.20 · Reply
  11. Monty said:

    Kate, before you decide which to buy, check out Amanda’s Favorites on u-tube. Her channel is focused on in-depth Planner Reviews. I’ve learned a lot in my research from her coverage and comparison of a wide range of planners.

    Published 9.16.20 · Reply
  12. Katie said:

    I LOVE the Day Designer planners! I am very OCD when it comes to my planner and one of my favorite parts of their product is their free downloads with tons of different printables so you can make your own from scratch.

    Published 9.16.20 · Reply
  13. Kendra said:

    Just ordered the Erin Condren with the same design you featured. LOVE it! :)

    Published 9.17.20 · Reply
  14. Evelyn said:

    Thanks so much for including this planner Kate!!!! Made my day :)

    Published 9.24.20 · Reply