10 days with a peloton bike // my initial review

peloton bike review

Just over a week ago, my husband surprised me with a new Peloton bike! (Which was just too funny considering the timing of the controversial commercial… oops!)

Ever since I fell in love with spin as a form of exercise (big SoulCycle fan over here!) I’ve dreamed of owning this bike. My favorite workout whenever I wanted it? Sounded almost too good to be true!

I did a lot of research, talked to many Peloton-owning-friends, and looked up as many reviews as possible on the Peloton before officially deciding I wanted one. After all, it’s a big investment (a bike costs about $2,245 plus a monthly class subscription) and even though you can find these bikes in a few gyms/recreational centers, there’s really no way to try it out in your own home before making the leap.

While I’ve only owned my Peloton bike for around 10 days, I’ve already received tons of messages asking for my thoughts on it. So today, I’m excited to share an initial review of my experience with it thus far!


10 days with a peloton


If I had to sum up my thoughts about the Peloton in one sentence, here it is: I love it even more than I had anticipated.

As much as I wanted a Peloton, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a few misgivings about the bike that no matter how many reviews I read, I couldn’t shake before actually owning one. Let’s walk through some of those, and how they’ve played out in these past 10 days, shall we?


I won’t enjoy the instructors.”


I’ve taken more in-studio spin classes than I can count, and what has always seemed to make or break the experience for me is finding instructors I truly enjoy. One of my biggest fears about a Peloton was that I would be disappointed with the selection of instructors.

I am so happy (and relieved!) to report that I have loved the instructors so far. I have only tried out three or four, but I’ve already enjoyed the variety each offers in personality, class format and intensity level.

My absolute favorite thus far? Ally Love! She is incredibly positive, joyful and fun… her workouts always leave me feeling so good. (And completely exhausted!)

I’m really excited to continue exploring the many peloton instructors. If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments!


I won’t enjoy the actual class format.”


The reason I fell in love with spin class is because of how much fun I had doing it. My first experience into the spin-world was with SoulCycle, and I instantly fell in love with the “dance party” feel to it. The rhythm-based movements and choreography set to fun music almost made me forgot just how hard I was working out. I know that’s not everyone’s favorite type of spin class, though, and I worried that Peloton classes would not have that same rhythmic feel!

In 10 days with a Peloton, here’s what I’ve found. There is a wide variety of class types based on what you’re looking for, and luckily for me, plenty of classes that are rhythm-based! Now that I think of it, almost every single class I’ve taken has been set to music.

Cody Rigsby, for example, does a lot of fun “Groove” rides that are based on the beat. Ally Love also bases her classes on rhythm as well! While there isn’t as much “choreography” as I’m used to (tap backs, handlebar pushups, etc) I’ve found that are just as fun.

I’ve especially enjoyed “Groove” and “Pop” rides this far, and have heard great things about Ally Love’s Sunday rides. Excited to find even more that I love as I keep exploring!


“I won’t get as good of a workout at home as I would in the studio.”


Another fear of mine was that I wouldn’t get as good of a workout on the Peloton. Since it’s just you and your bike, I wondered if I would be motivated to really push it like I was at SoulCycle.

I have honestly been incredibly surprised and impressed at just how hard the Peloton instructors and classes have pushed me to workout! I think it’s based on a few things:

• Finding Instructors Who Motivate You

Not everyone is going to be motivated by the same type of personality. I’ve enjoyed finding instructors who personally inspire me to give it my all! I worried that was only an in-person thing but no. I’ve been equally amp’d up by the instructors on-screen as well!

• Using Analytics To Push Yourseld

One thing I’ve loved about the Peloton bike is the analytics it shows during each ride: heart rate, cadence, resistance, and class rank to name a few. I’ve found that if you truly stick to the instructors recommendations, you will be getting a CRAZY good workout. Yes, even as good as SoulCycle!

I’ve also surprised myself with how competitive I am in these classes. While I haven’t taken a live class yet, I’ve loved racing against the “here now” board of Peloton riders taking a class at the same time as me. It almost brings the studio feel that I loved into a virtual setting, and it’s awesome.

• Following Friends

A cool feature of Peloton is that you can follow friends who also own a bike and see their workouts! I love snooping to see what classes and instructors my friends are loving. It always motivates me to try something new and different!


“I won’t use it as much as I think I will.”


Here’s the thing: no matter how convenient a workout is, I’ve found you have to be self-motivated to actually do it. With a Peloton, it’s no different.

I have surprised myself with actually using it more than I had anticipated! Why? Because not only is it sitting right there in my house, but there are also lots of different class-lengths to choose from as well. For example, I love to do a full 45-minute ride every day. After four of those in a row last week, I didn’t anticipate wanting to do a fifth. But that day I realized a shorter 30-minute ride, at 9:30 pm, was just what I was wanting. No having to sign up for a class, fight 30 minutes of traffic there and back, etc. Pure convenience!

I also know I use it as much as I do because I genuinely love spin class. It’s fun for me! And here’s the thing: I simply won’t do a workout I do not enjoy. So if you don’t genuinely enjoy spin, I don’t think a Peloton is for you. But since I love it so much, it’s turned into my favorite part of the day!


I’ll miss the in-studio experience.”


Here’s the thing, friends. I do. I miss the in-studio experience of spin class (specifically my Dallas SoulCycle crew!) so, so much.

I miss the group mentality and energy. I miss instructors knowing me personally and physically pushing up my resistance for me when I thought I had hit my max. (Here’s looking at you, Kevin!) I miss the friendships formed and the familiar faces I’d see class after class. The in-person experience is something you really can’t replicate perfectly, as hard as you may try.

I absolutely do miss the in-studio experience.

But the reason the Peloton has made so much sense for me is that I now don’t live anywhere near a spin studio, much less a SoulCycle. Also, being self-employed with a husband in residency, I LOVE having the freedom to take a class whenever my random schedule allows… whether that’s at 11:30 am on a Tuesday or 10 pm on a Friday night. And I will say, for being a virtual experience, Peloton does a great job of still making you feel a “part” of each class – whether you’re taking it live or as a recorded class.


Final Thoughts


So all that being said, I absolutely LOVE my Peloton. All ten days I’ve had with it. :)

Ever since I moved to Gainesville, FL, I’ve struggled to find a workout routine. Like I mentioned, I won’t work out unless it’s something I truly love… and the classes I found that I love here in Gainesville are a 30-minute drive from my house. And let’s be real. I’m never going to be the girl who enjoys a 5 mile run through the neighborhood. (But man would that make my life so much simpler! #jealous)

The Peloton has allowed me to get back into a consistent workout routine, exercising in a way I love while getting a great workout in at the same time. It’s given me back that daily pride of challenging myself mentally and physically. It’s given me the flexibility to workout at whatever time and at whatever intensity level I need. It’s given me an opportunity for daily movement and interaction in an oftentimes-isolating job.

It’s been one of the best gifts I’ve ever received, and I’m so excited this is just the beginning!

I look forward to continuing to update you all on my Peloton journey. If you have any questions you’d like answered down the line, let me know in the comments! And don’t forget, I’m all ears for your favorite class and instructor recommendations!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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